Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Cloud Cover Sun"

Here's another ACEO with a story. I sketched this idea out in my sketchbook, and liked how it looked. When I did the actual card, however, the face in the clouds looked just like William Shatner, circa early Star Trek. Not really what I was going for. I modified him a bit, but once it was in my head, that likeness shone through no matter what I did. Even the elfin ears didn't do the trick... he just looked like James T. Kirk making fun of Mr. Spock. Then the sun's face, looking at him with those dramatic eyes, had me hearing voices... "She's an android, Jim!"

I listed the card. (No mention of Shatner) It was the first of this extensive series that did not get a single bid. I was going to tuck him away for future amusement, but I decided to relist instead, and he became my first European sale! So, Jim Kirk and his android girlfriend (or maybe it's Yeoman Rand?) are living in Brussels, Belgium now.

The End.