Firehouse Show Photos

My wonderful mom with me at the opening
My brother, Stephen, whose play opened at the Firehouse's theater simultaneously with my exhibit.

The Firehouse sign. Besides my name being on one side, and Stephen's play title, "Boxed In" being on the other, my husband's name happens to be Wayne, and we came down from Maine... funny coincidence!
Friend and fellow colored pencil artist, Debbi Friedman and I, with our happy faces!

"Bev, get in the picture, NOW."

Eldest son Erik on one side, BHS class of '72 classmate Beverly on the other. Fun!

Checking out the new box office construction with Judy, gallery manager.

Helpful son and husband, setting up the food and drinks.

Middle son, Andy, chats with me.

Joanne and Michelle catch up.

My brother Lawrence and sister in law Karen.

Kelly and Jim DeCesare and my son, Erik. Erik and my cousin, Jim, are both painters.

Mom is the best greeter!

Nieces, Addie and Samantha, with Sam's sweetie, Derek.

Peter, Gail, Kelsey

I was able to get some unpeopled shots of the show the following weekend.

My little portrait wall.

Beth and Joe