Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O. J. & Blues (work-in-progress #3)

This shot of the latest work-in-progress shows more of the loose drawing stage of my process... not to say that my process is the same with every piece... but somewhere in there, a natural, quick drawing style plays a part. I'd describe my process as follows: intuitive, practiced, and spontaneous happenings, in varying proportions.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Plums, Quince & Tea

Perhaps I should rename this blog, "The Work In Progress Journal".

So, here is another work in progress! I am actually waiting for a delivery of some art supplies to finish this, and my previously posted 'mottled' piece... and I have started another still life in the meantime. Having three pieces in progress at once is something I thought I would never do. Never say never! Now I'm thinking that I might bring all three to the same 'almost done' stage, then spend a few days just working in 'finish' mode, and complete them. It could be a good thing.

12"x12", colored pencil on Pastelbord