Monday, December 31, 2007

Vintage Portrait

Here is a recent commission, drawn in graphite from a wallet-sized photograph. I really enjoy doing this sort of thing occasionally. There is something about creating a new, fresh version of an old image that can just delight people so much. It's always fun to see or hear about their reactions, and it feels good to know that my little pencil drawing will be appreciated in a very personal way, bringing memories of moments and even the sound of a voice long gone that I know nothing of.

8"x10", graphite

Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

The Turn

By a twist and a tilt
we go 'round the bend,
That some call beginning
and some call the end.
And some call the middle,
Whether going in or out.
By fact and by figure
there can be no doubt.

We have measured to the nth
and so we've found,
That now is the place
where the earth goes around.
A calendar face, a shadow on ground.

Marking an x
by this common connection,
Feel the rumble and turn,
Changing direction.
Worry one side might freeze
while the other might burn.
Yet we turn to perfection,
Though we mark it or not.
And bend 'round the bend
to a sunnier spot.

Len Faria

To mark the winter solstice, I am sharing this little collaboration; a poem, "The Turn", written by my brother, and a recent art card of mine, titled "Winter Solstice Sun".

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last but not least...

My third and final grandson portrait for gift giving this Christmas. This was one of those times when, half-way through, it seemed like I was completely off, and was thinking of starting over. Luckily, I forged ahead, remembering how many times I've felt that frustration, only to be pleased in the end at the outcome. (Come to think of it, that happens in all sorts of places besides making art, doesn't it?)

I'm pretty happy with these three little portraits. Of course, the fact that these guys mean so much to me probably colors my perception a bit! They are a joy!

6"x6", Prismacolor pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Grandson... one more to go

This is my oldest grandson; big brother to the cutie in my previous post. They are quite a pair! As these will be hung together, I chose poses with similar lighting, and kept the backgrounds simple. The third and final grandson portrait, which will be posted tomorrow, has a very different look, as you will see.

The Ampersand Pastelbord is definitely feeling more comfortable to me now, and I'm off to buy some more today, and a new batch of Prismacolor pencils as well... I've worn them down to the size where they become little art supplies for the two and three year old boys I have been drawing!

6"x6", Prismacolor pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Youngest Grandson... and another tag!

Here is a little colored pencil portrait of my youngest grandson. This is part of a Christmas gift for my son and his wife... the other part being a portrait of this adorable guy's big brother! I'll post it in a couple of days.

Now, it seems I've been tagged once again; this time by Alvin Richard, an amazing painter whose acrylic works often give me goosebumps! Previously, I was tagged by Robyn, and although I did tell some things about myself, I never got around to tagging other people. So, now I'll make up for it, and do it right.

1. I was fired from my first job, at the age of 16. It was at a "Friendly's" restaurant. The manager told me, "We were looking for a friendlier waitress."

2. I lived in the same house from birth to marriage.

3. When I turned 50, I celebrated by taking a hot air balloon ride. It took off in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, a short distance from the famous Portland Head Lighthouse, and traveled northwest toward Sebago Lake. There was a small plane flying around us at the beginning of the flight, and its passenger was a photographer for Conde Nast Traveler Magazine... taking pictures of us!

4. My husband and I share our house with a 20 pound cat.

5. My sisters and I played a game of Squiggles (... make a scribble, give it to someone, they make a picture out of it...) by mail, for years!

OK, here's who I'm tagging:
Cooper Dragonette
Gillian Mowbray
Nicole Caulfield
J Matt Miller
William K Moore

Thanks, Alvin!

6"x6", Prismacolor pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord