Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Work In Progress: "Mottled"

Here is a glimpse of the still life I've been working on for the past few weeks. I chose to place a speckled squash in a mottled bowl, by some freckled jars and a dappled glass pitcher... hence the title! I knew it would be a challenge with all of those assorted spots, and the addition of a traditional twining floral print fabric underneath it all ensured that I would be working on this for quite some time. While I was setting it up, by a partially curtained window, a narrow strip of sunlight hit the golden squash, creating that fantastic reflection inside the bowl. With a little nudging, I got the light to shoot through the green glass as well.

Back to work. I will be posting the finished piece soon.

((detail) 16"x20", colored pencil on pastelbord)

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Brother & Sister in Pencil, and a Group Show Report

Here is a recently done pair of commissioned portraits in graphite pencil. I really like how they have a similar feeling of confidence, with a straightforward gaze and the poses slightly leaning toward us. Such beautiful young faces!

I must take a few moments to report on the group show of last November. In a nutshell, it was wonderful! We had plenty of traffic, tons of interest, gorgeous weather, lots of fun, and we all made some sales. We hung the show ourselves (with the help of some fabulous friends), served up an abundance of refreshments at the artists' reception, and definitely got to know each other better!

The artists; Dirk Leach, Nina Fuller, Jane Ryan, and myself, with some of Jane's paintings behind us.