Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Zucchini & Peppers With Fennel

Straight from my garden comes this still life, with a little help from my pitcher collection.

I love the feathery fronds of the bronze fennel. The actual plant looks like a drawing itself outdoors, all sketchy and crosshatched, so I decided to draw it just that way. Its companion vegetables and the vintage pottery got a more solid approach. This was my second attempt at Prismacolor pencils on Ampersand pastel board, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet. All the little white spots that don't get covered on the textured surface are bugging me a bit, but over all, it's a nice soft look, I think.

6"x 6", Prismacolor pencil on Ampersand Pastel Board


Ron Morrison said...

Very nice. Would a little water drag the colour into the spots?

Gillian said...

Oh I'm so pleased you're posting again!
This is great - kudos to you for even attempting fennel!
I love my Prismacolor pencils but I agree, finding the right surface is crucial.

Robyn said...

Absolutely gorgeous still life, Liz. I thought at first it was a watercolour. The zucchini are stunning and I love the jug. In fact, may I have the jug?! ;)

Liz P said...

Thanks Ron. As for the water suggestion; no, because the pencils are waxy. Some people use a solvent to blend them, but I prefer to keep my dry media dry.

Gillian, hi! Thanks for the boost! (And, by the way, "Torchwood" started here last week on BBC America... very cool.)

Thank you Robyn! I'm thinking about the jug. I would consider giving it to you, but only in person, in your back garden. :~)

Robyn said...

Well that could be arranged.