Friday, September 12, 2008

'Water' Work in Progress... A Peek

This detail if from a still life I'm working on for a water-themed group show in November. I've always loved the variety of brilliance that results when sunshine and water meet. In this piece, I'll show that brilliance in, through, and on the surface of water, in glass jars and a pottery pitcher. The tomatoes and parsley are yet another product of water plus sunshine, and the swirling, free-form design of the vintage enamel tray seems to mimic water.

Perhaps I'll post the other three corners of this before showing the whole, finished piece!

16"x20", Colored Pencil on Pastelbord (detail)


Gillian said...

Oh you are a tease. What an interesting project and tricky too. You're right about the tray in the background seeming to mimic water - like a sun-dappled pool. You've captured that so well.
Will look forward to seeing more. x

laura said...

Beautiful--love the perspective and the light in the bottoms of the jars!

Liz P said...

Hi Gillian! I'm having fun with the challenges in this one. It's quite a bit larger than any thing else I've done on the Pastelbord, and I find that I like having lots of different areas to work on.

Liz P said...

Thank you, Laura. The jar in front is really just a few sketchy lines on the gray Pastelbord. Lots more to do!

Robyn said...

Already your play of shadows and reflections is masterful, Liz. I love seeing the WIP, so you can tease as much as you like with little details.