Monday, November 3, 2008

"Water Plus Sunshine" Makes A Splash

What a wonderful weekend!

My husband and I drove down to Newport for the gallery opening on Saturday. The ride itself was beautiful, the entire route lined by the nicest display of autumn oak foliage I have ever seen. I'm not kidding! It was really striking... gold, bronze, ochre, rust, mahogany, burgundy... all with that polished leather sheen that oak leaves have. Fantastic!

Then, at the gallery, I discover that my still life entry, "Water Plus Sunshine", has won the Juror's Choice Award! Here's what she had to say:

Juror's Comments:

Juror's Choice:
"Water Plus Sunshine"
Elizabeth Patterson

Red and green; two colors I would never attempt to use together, they are complimentary colors that do not always seem compatible. Think about how hard it is to find nice Christmas paper that uses red and green! This drawing balances these two colors and their many nuances beautifully. I think the composition is very strong and I particularly like the unusual perspective. Once again, I am struck by how the use of colored pencil is different between the still life objects and the table top. The presentation is simple, clean and strong.

I am so appreciative of receiving this recognition, and reading in Ms. Touhey's comments that some of the things I was excited to share through this piece actually came across. I can't help but wonder sometimes if what I'm seeing and feeling in the process of drawing or painting is just "me", or if others will get it too. That's the real prize!

The gallery was pretty packed, and it was great to spend some time with the other artists of the group. I'm enjoying getting to know them and marveling at all of their different styles and techniques!


kay susan said...

Oh! Well deserved. Congratulations! It really is a lovely piece!

Kathy said...

Congratulaions, Liz! It was geat to see the art up close and personal and get to meet fellow cpers. Hope to see more work soon.

hbedrosian said...

Congratulations, Liz! It was great to see you at the show.

Liz P said...

Kay, thanks so much!
I checked out your blogs briefly, and will definitely be coming back to look more closely. You are multitalented!

Liz P said...

Hi Kathy, and thank you!
Saturday was fun and inspiring, wasn't it?
Hope to see your blog up and running sometime soon:~)

Liz P said...

Thank you Holly. I'm really glad you were there. Having communicated a bit online and following your work, it was so nice to have the chance to talk a bit.

(Of course, the fact that my friends who had that coincidental connection to one of your portraits happened to show up was just priceless!)

Nicole Caulfield said...

Congratulations!!! I just love your still-lifes! They have such unique compositions and use of color!

Liz P said...

Hey, thanks Nicole! I try to have fun with those elements.

Missed you on Saturday!

Debbi said...

I thought I had left a comment congratulating you on your award - late congrats! I am so happy that your beautiful still-life won Juror's Choice. It is an amazing piece.

Alvin Richard said...

Congratulations on your prize, it was so richly deserved. I told you that this ''red and green'' was a thing of beauty.