Friday, December 5, 2008

More Pizzelle... In Progress

Here on my drawing table sits a work in progress, and the progress is... slow. Between holidays and a new three-day-a-week job, my attention to this piece has been snatched in odd little pieces of time. It's starting to come together, though.

This is my third still life that features pizzelle, a favorite Italian treat of mine. I have used an antique linen with a lace trim that relates to the waffle cookie's pretty design, and two of my favorite vintage blue pitchers to compliment their golden hues. Perched like this on a quirky old pedestal table, I thought they looked rather splendid!

16"x20", colored pencil on Pastelbord


Robyn said...

I'm such a fan of your pizzelle pieces, Liz and those jugs are my favourite colour. Splendid, indeed!

Debbi said...

I was wondering what you've been up to Liz! This looks beautiful. It's also neat to get a tiny window into your workspace; all your pencils laid out, and the work photos of lace. Looking forward to seeing more. Also, did you finish the last piece? If so, are you going to post a photo of it completed?

Liz P said...

Thank you, Robyn! These two pitchers were a part of my grandmother's collection, and I always loved their almost-matching, almost-robin's-egg-blue colors. (Now I know they are also "Robyn's" blue!)

Liz P said...

Oh, I've been up to all sorts of things, Debbi!

I've spent more time thinking about artwork than doing it, though. My workspace is getting to a frightening state of disorder, and I'm just trying to keep a bit of momentum going as I adjust to a new job and prepare for Christmas, birthdays, and the impending birth of my fourth grandchild.

Thanks for checking in!

Kendra said...

Really beautiful Liz! Love the color harmony.

Deborah Ross said...

Liz, this is just beautiful! I love the way the light reflects on the fabric. I can't wait to see it finished.

Gillian said...

Oh that lace is to die for! beautiful work as always.
Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas.Hope to be blogging again soon.
Gillian. xxx