Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Fun

Here is a little sampling of matted prints that I am offering for sale at the Fall Fair in Burlington, Massachusetts, on September 26th. My mother, a brother, a sister, and I will have a family table there that will feature a fun mix of items including handmade vintage style aprons, hand crafted birdhouses, whoopie pies, autumn themed tiaras for girls, and my art prints.

The prints were chosen from a collection of over a hundred art cards (ACEOs) that I created. The originals all sold through ebay. I have reproduced them in their actual size of two and a half by three and a half inches, and matted them in eight by ten mats. These are not limited edition prints, but they are each unique, as I added touches of color to each one with colored pencil. This "suns and moons" series was a lot of fun to dream up, as was the nostalgic, illustrative style that I employed.

I'm looking forward to an enjoyable day with family, friends, food, and music!


Debbi said...

Very appealing prints Liz! And your table of mixed offerings sounds very enticing. Could you post another blurb with the info about when and exactly where the Fall Fair is? Living close by in Wellesley, I just may try to drop by!

Liz P said...

Thanks, Debbi!

The fair is on the Burlington common, which is bordered by Center St., Bedford St., and Cambridge St... 10:00-4:00.

(There is more info on the fair on my Facebook page.)

Gillian said...

Good luck with the fair, Liz. Your prints look so vibrant - I love to see miniatures with big mats too - they look so much more important somehow. x

Kendra said...

Hope you did well with the fall fair! I really like your little prints. One of my students sells her ACEO's on EBay so she and I have been discussing it. Maybe we should hold a chapter meeting on ACEOs? What do you think.