Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Title for an Apple

Here is a little something I'm working on. At just five by seven inches, it really is a little something! I was going to call this "Apple and Old Maids", because of the group of tiny, shriveled, undeveloped fruits on the same stem as this beautifully hefty one. We call unpopped popcorn kernels 'old maids', and that's what these reminded me of. Then I started to think about the term, and I just don't like it!

So, what else could I call it? Survival of the Fittest? Sole Survivor? Over and Under Achievers? Any ideas?


Teresa Mallen said...

What a delightful piece! Such a great reference - an apple that still has leaves and other bits attached is a wonderful find. I especially like how you rendered the tablecloth as well as your use of colour - the lovely colours in the right leaf gets my attention. I am afraid I usually struggle with naming art work, 'red apple on cloth' isn't too impressive is it? LOL Good luck with this!

Gillian said...

This is beautiful, Liz. I like the understated colours of the surrounds - they make the apple seem more luscious somehow.

I'm not good on titles - how about 'Winner takes it all'. I agree that the term old maids is uncomfortable. x

Dianna said...

Gillian is right about the understated colors. They make the humbleness of the apple more inviting...almost like a diamond in the rough. Love it!

Paula Pertile said...

I love this - really beautiful! All my ideas for names are lame, so I'll spare you. :~)
Is this on pastelboard?

Liz P said...

Thanks ladies! There is still quite a bit of work to do on this, so hopefully the right title will present itself before I'm done.

(Oh, and Paula... yes it is on pastelbord, 5x7, green.)