Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Still Life For A Cat

This is another little 5"x7" piece that I've been working on. I didn't start out with the idea of creating a still life that a cat might appreciate... it just evolved that way, which is kind of fun. I wanted to use the tiny cut glass pitcher and salter, and was looking for an interesting sprig of something green to put in the pitcher. There on my windowsill were some healthy new catnip plants that my grandson and I had started from seeds, so I snipped off a piece and stuck it in. For a moment, it seemed like a weird subject, but that's when the cat idea struck me. So, the catnip went into the salter, milk went into the pitcher, and a tempting tassel was added to the scene.

Once it's finished, I'll test it out on my cat... although, knowing him, he'll probably turn up his nose at it!

(7"x5", colored pencil on Pastelbord)


Katherine Thomas said...

It's exquisite! I love the perspective of looking down on the subjects from above. Very pretty! I like the highlights on the glass and the folds in the fabric too!

Liz P said...

Thank you, Katherine! I use this perspective a lot. I like how it accentuates the roundness of the containers I so often feature in my still life pieces.