Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ella & the Cosmos

I've made lots of progress on this special piece. Bringing "still life" objects into portraits is something I have been wanting to do lately, and finishing at least one of these in time for the November show was a goal. "Ella & the Cosmos" will fulfill that goal, after a bit more work and a trip to the frame shop.

Thank you to my niece for posing, and for suggesting the flower tucked in her hair!

(20"x16", colored pencil on Pastelbord)


Kathy said...

Love this piece! It beautifully combines your portrait work with still life work. Wonderful!

Debbi said...

I don't know how you do it Liz! This piece is gorgeous. I love all of the different textures and patterns, and Ella's hands are exquisite! Can't wait to see it at your show in November.

Liz P said...

Thank you Kathy & Debbi! Hopefully it will look as good in person as it does here :~)

Kendra said...

Wow Liz this is beautiful! Love the colors, composition, everything!