Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grace's Alpaca Hat

There is something about my niece's favorite alpaca hat that I think gives this portrait a timeless, yet contemporary feeling. Maybe it's the earflaps: old fashioned and funky at the same time. Whatever it is, the vision of her in it makes me smile.

This is the final piece for my solo show which is being hung one week from today. Here is all of the information.

Elizabeth Patterson - Works In Colored Pencil

Firehouse Center For The Arts
Market Square
Newburyport, MA

Exhibit: November 3 - December 12, 2010
Reception for the artist:
Saturday, November 6, 5:00 - 7:00
Open Wednesday - Sunday 12:00 - 5:00
and extended hours on performance nights.
Call 978-462-7336 or visit
www.firehouse.org for more information.

Hope that some of you reading this can come!

(11"x11", colored pencil on Pastelbord)


Ester Roi said...

Good luck with your show, Liz. I'll be there in spirit. Love your niece's portrait!

Gillian said...

This is a WOW portrait, if ever I saw one. I love the way you've captured that rather bored teenage expression too. Your niece will be delighted, I'm sure. Good luck with the show! x

Liz P said...

Ester, thank you... and I'm honored to have your spirit in attendance!

Liz P said...

Hi Gillian... thanks so much!

Robert Sisson said...

You really captured her beauty, I think she looks rather wistful. she's far away in some dreamy world.

Liz P said...

Thank you, Bob.
I find that, when doing portraits of young teens, I'm often struck by the way the face can appear totally grown-up one moment, and child-like the next. I like your description. It makes me think she's in that world between the two.
(Did you get to the show?)

Alvin Richard said...

Amazing portrait, has a geniune authentic approach that does make it timless......Congratulations on your solo show, would love to be able to see it in person!

Liz P said...

Thanks Alvin... I would love that too! (Something about that pesky nine hour drive that has kept me from seeing any of your shows either, huh?)

NEillustration+design said...

Ok, I just read the our District CPSA January newsletter... what a great portrait Liz! Hope the show went well. Happy 2011!

Steve Drew said...

Liz, I just stumbled across your site...I love your work! -Steve