Saturday, October 27, 2007

Little Boy Found

I have been spending quite a bit of time clearing and reorganizing my studio space lately. It was literally closing in on me, as I had allowed all sorts of non-studio items to rest here "temporarily". Realizing that I was working in a space with pathways through lots of random stuff, I was reminded that "temporarily" does not mean "indefinitely", and that all of that clutter wasn't just getting in the way of my feet, but also of my creativity and productiveness.

Progress has been made, and I'm breathing easier already. I'm making headway on a commission piece that had been languishing on a drawing table. I'm finding things I forgot I had, or thought were lost. For example, hidden in a stack of paper was a photo CD containing my only copy of this portrait. Seeing it brings back the joy of meeting, photographing, and drawing this serious and charming boy!

I will keep clearing.


Ron Morrison said...

Very good!

Liz P said...

Thanks Ron, I'm trying to be "very good", but so far (on this cleaning and clearing thing) I think I'm hovering around the "pretty good" mark.

Alvin Richard said...

Beautiful drawing in all it's simplicity. Love the ecomony of lines and using more details where it really counts.

Robyn said...

Lovely portrait, Liz. Like you I can't function in a less than organised environment. I've not been able to do a thing for days because my home is being painted. I just sit at my desk, with the door shut against the dust, wishing I could escape by painting something.