Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

The Turn

By a twist and a tilt
we go 'round the bend,
That some call beginning
and some call the end.
And some call the middle,
Whether going in or out.
By fact and by figure
there can be no doubt.

We have measured to the nth
and so we've found,
That now is the place
where the earth goes around.
A calendar face, a shadow on ground.

Marking an x
by this common connection,
Feel the rumble and turn,
Changing direction.
Worry one side might freeze
while the other might burn.
Yet we turn to perfection,
Though we mark it or not.
And bend 'round the bend
to a sunnier spot.

Len Faria

To mark the winter solstice, I am sharing this little collaboration; a poem, "The Turn", written by my brother, and a recent art card of mine, titled "Winter Solstice Sun".

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Gillian said...

You are two very talented siblings. Love the delicate tracery of the trees in contrast to the sun - which really is illustrated in words so well.

Merry Christmas to you Liz and thanks for your blogging support over the last few months since we 'met'.