Friday, March 7, 2008

Espresso & Lace/ work in progress

I am going to be away from my studio for a few days, and I know I will feel the need to look at this once in a while, so I'm posting it here for myself! This is slightly cropped at top and bottom, almost fitting onto my scanner.

The pizzelle theme is continuing, despite the challenges these pieces present. (Tricky to render, difficult not to eat...) I have one or two more compositions "cooking" in my mind, and hope they will be an interesting subset in a body of work I'm currently putting together. More on that later!

9"x12", Prismacolor and Coloursoft pencils on Ampersand Pastelbord


Todd Bonita said...


Thanks for the comments, yeah...wishful thinking regarding the weather maybe..fingers crossed for a sun beam some time this decade. Just a comment about your colored pencil work: Amazing really..the way you've captured Sophia in both of those portraits is breathtaking. I think you've captured what we all look to accomplish with portraiture...the essence of the person..really spectacular.

best to you,

Gillian said...

The play of light on this grouping is just magical. You eat your subjects?

I may have to start doing drawings of chocolate. LOL.

Robyn said...

My jaw hit the ground when I opened this painting, Liz. Absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much for your generous comment on my blog, but actually, it is you who continually surprises and delights!

Michelle said...

I love the connection between the lace cloth and the cookies themselves!! I will be whipping up some of these this week in case you need any stand in models!


Liz P said...

Well, thank you, everyone!

Todd, I admit I'm partial to the Sophia portraits myself. I actually planned to get some sketches and photos of her WITH pizzelle when I visited last week, but it turned out that nothing went as planned.

Gillian, yes, I have eaten many of my subjects... mostly fruits and vegetables. I'm afraid these poor pizzelle are hopelessly stale, though. And chocolate is definitely on my "to do" list!

Robyn, after your jaw hit the ground, I hope you found some of these to eat. Do you see them in your area of Italy?

Michelle, the lace is yet another piece of one of Nana's many collections. I could spend the rest if my life painting her stuff. I love it!