Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pastry Wheels & Pitcher

These old pastry wheels have cut a lot of ravioli. Neither one really works any more, but they serve very nicely as models! I tried using them once, with the romantic notion that cutting my homemade ravioli with my grandmother's tools would transform them into "Nana's Ravioli". (Well, they do look like little magic wands!) They basically fell apart in my hand, as if to say,"We are done! Get your own pastry cutters!"

6"x6", Colored Pencil on Ampersand Pastelbord


Ron Morrison said...

Yes I know the program...I have old things, a flour grinder for instance, that became an ornament in the garden. But they are wonderful models (the cutters) and this is, of course, a very appealing painting/drawing? to me.

Alvin Richard said...

Great composition and subject matter. The rim of the pitcher and the light that shines on it is exquisite.

Gillian said...

I can see this on the cover of a traditional cookbook. Wonderful artwork, as always, and I enjoyed your little piece of history to go with it.

Liz P said...

Hey, Ron! I'd like to see that flour grinder in the garden... maybe it's in your garden blog?

Alvin, thank you. It's funny how difficult it is sometimes to create a good still life composition that looks natural. I'm glad you like it!

Thanks, Gillian. I guess it does have a timeless look about it. Everything you see here is older than me... except the eggs!

janie said...

beautiful work and I love the two teapots and they really are those two characters.

Robyn said...

This is such a brilliant drawing, Liz I don't know how I missed seeing it when you posted.

I love your tale about trying to use your grandmother's cutters. I bought a lovely wooden one which doesn't perform well at all - it just sits around looking beautiful while a cheap metal one does all the work.