Monday, April 21, 2008


Here is one of my favorite miniature pitchers... again. (It's the same one that Joseph is holding onto a few posts back.) The tiny vinca blossoms and vines were a good fit for this two inch tall container. These beautiful little flowers are blooming like blue stars in my front dooryard.

The snow is finally gone!

5"x7", colored pencil on Pastelbord


Gillian said...

How exquisite! You've captured the contre-jour effect so cleverly. I love 'periwinkle' flowers, although the plant can be a pain when it spreads.

Liz P said...

Thanks so much, Gillian! I do like the deep shadows that back-lighting creates. Visually searching in that darkness for the many colors it contains is so absorbing, I can just get lost in there for a while!