Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Portrait Progress

Here is what is on my drawing table. I've been working on this commissioned portrait for a while, and I think it is far enough along to share my progress. I am enjoying this special project, and though there is a long way to go, I'm seeing the likenesses emerge: one lovely, and one cute!

An aspect of this piece that has been quite time consuming is the large amount of white and near-white areas. I am again drawing on the gray Pastelbord, which is requiring a lot of layering with the light colors to achieve the right values. Some might wonder why I didn't just use a white drawing surface for this one, and maybe save myself some work! Well, I happen to really like the effects of the light colored pencils on the mid-toned gray. It seems to give energy to areas that might otherwise be flat and lifeless... a wall, for example. There is something about the way the gray plays against the pigments of the pencils as it peeks through that I think just works!

(16"x20", colored pencil on Pastelbord)


Anonymous said...

You are doing such a beautiful likeness of her.

Kendra said...

The colorful grays and whites are so intriguing. They make her skin tones and hair really stand out! The piece has such a nice warm overall feeling!

Liz P said...

Thank you Kendra! When I took the reference photos for this portrait, I really liked how all of the surroundings were basically white. I've been working on the details of her blouse since I posted this, which has some colorful embroidery and beads on it... it's just enough to compliment the skin tones.

Debbi said...

Yes, I agree with Kendra, it's beautiful. I love the cool white tones of the backgroung
d, clothing, dog and sofa, and how they accentuate the warmth of her smile, face, and skin tones. Great job! Love the dog as well.

D. A. Bickford said...

Just lovely.