Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friday Reception at Lyme Art Association

I'm excited to be visiting Old Lyme, Connecticut for the first time, as I travel there on Friday for the artists' reception of the Hudson Valley Art Association's 80th Annual Exhibit at the Lyme Art Association. Seeing the nearby Florence Griswold Museum is going to be a wonderful bonus!

This detail of Pizzelle On A Pedestal, my colored pencil piece which is included in the HVAA exhibit, shows very well a particular characteristic that has earned it an alternate title, coined by my much beloved mother: You Could Have Ironed That. I love it!

****6/24 Update: A disappointing change of plans!
A miserable sounding and potentially hazardous weather forecast for the Lyme area today... which would come after our four hour drive... has prompted me to cancel our trip. I'm feeling sad about missing the reception, but still hope to see the HVAA show, and the Florence Griswold Museum sometime in July.


Bob said...

It's funny I did notice the unironed cloth, but that is something my wife would have said.

Teresa Mallen said...

Sorry to read the update Liz. This is a lovely piece by the way, even if you didn't take the time to iron the cloth. :-) Hope all goes well for your visit in July!