Friday, November 8, 2013

Window Sash Still Life

It was the glowing translucence of this little scene that got me excited about drawing it. I really liked how everything was magically transformed by the strong sunlight coming through the window. Even the shadows seemed to have life.

As I worked on this still life, I was also constantly aware of the delicacy of most of the objects' contact with the window sash. Though the shells at either end have some weight, they balance on just a tiny point of their surface. The empty crab shell appears to be on tiptoe. The quince blossoms give the lightest touch with their stems, while their petals yield softly, and appear to meld with the shadows. In contrast, the worn old bottle sits solidly with its wide base, but the flowers rest there ever so gently.

(18 x 6", colored pencil on pastelbord)


ArtsyAlice said...

Just lovely! I could get lost in this painting. Beautiful balance of line, size, shape and texture. A treasure for the eye.

I'm a big fan of Ann Kullberg and her books and I appreciate all the work that went into this colored pencil piece. Thank you for sharing.


Elizabeth A Patterson said...

Thanks so much, Alice!