Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pomegranate & Lemons - Work In Progress

Here is a little still life I have been working on. I started it while awaiting delivery of a large sheet of Pastelbord for my next project. It's not even close to being done. I suppose I thought I could finish it quickly because it's only 12x9 inches, and it seemed like a pretty simple, straightforward composition. I really liked how clean and bright all of the objects looked, bathed in the winter sun, and the way the pomegranate seeds glistened like the glass bowl. (Well, they don't glisten in my drawing yet... but they will.)

So, now I have my new sheet of Pastelbord. It is larger by far than any others I have used for my colored pencil drawings. Actually, I think it's the biggest one the Ampersand company makes... 24x36 inches. It will be like doing this 9x12 one, eight times. An adventure!

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