Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Another recent pencil portrait... another pretty niece. I really loved how her beautiful curls fell like a curtain, allowing only a limited view of her face... but enough to know it is Eleanor.


Brendy Vaughn said...

This is lovely. I really like the use of the white of the paper with just a touch of dramatic darks.

Gillian said...

You have such a delicate touch - this is charming. I'd love to know your work methods.
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog btw. Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who, and the main character is Jack Harkness, played by John Barowman, from a previous series of Dr Who. Hope you get to see it soon. xxx

Ron Morrison said...

These curls are beautifully done.

Liz P said...

Brendy, thank you... it helps a lot when the subject is already lovely!

Gillian, thanks... I'd love to know my work methods, too! Basically, whatever happens, happens. And thanks also for the Torchwood/Doctor Who info! I'm sure it will be years before we get to see it here, though. :-(

Ron, thank you. Curls are quite time consuming... drawing them, and dealing with them when they happen to grow on your head! It's a love/hate thing.