Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spanish Bowl

My intent here, with this journal, is to post new work on a regular basis. However, until I have something brand-spanking-new (other than the aforementioned ACEOs) I will share some older pieces. Perhaps looking at them myself, and realizing just how old some of them are, will embarrass me into action! I have cut, sanded, and gessoed some 6"x6" pieces of masonite. I'm sure it won't be long before I make a new start. (Just having those white squares looking at me expectantly each time I enter my studio will go a long way in the nudging department! I know, I'm pitiful!)

So, this still life painting, in acrylic on stretched canvas, was done... let's just say... quite some time ago! It holds a special place in my heart because whenever I look at it, I remember buying that bowl at a street market in Spain. It was meant to be a gift for someone, but it broke inside my suitcase, maybe somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I glued it, kept it, and it's really the only memento I have now of that trip.

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Cara Dawn Romero said...

I found my wayhere via Michael Naples blog. Love your work.