Sunday, June 10, 2007

Topiary Garden Sun

I'm still having fun with the prismacolor ACEOs. The ideas for these just keep streaming from my brain... or are they streaming TO my brain? I've received some very interesting messages from buyers about how they searched for a particular subject at a specific time, because of something that had happened to them personally, and one of my newly listed cards popped up. Some of the messages are cute or funny, and there are a couple that are downright mystifying!

Anyway, maybe this one will wind up with an interesting story. I worked the shapes of the topiaries and the face of the sun before really deciding on what route I would take with the rays. In the back of my mind, I was thinking simple geometric, and this grosgrain ribbon-like design is what happened. It wasn't until it was finished that I noticed the overall Engish feel... those rays suddenly reminding me of the Union Jack.


Ron Morrison said...

Thanks for the visit. Sadly, I am quite addicted to my comments page. You are good at this drawing/painting thing. I'm going to link you up.

J Matt Miller said...

Thank you for the comment, Liz! I really enjoyed your site. I want to start working more from my imagination. Keep it up!

Cara Dawn Romero said...

Oh! I love this one!